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Primeval Not Extinct

Primeval has been saved from extinction, thanks to a groundbreaking co-production deal involving BBC America, ITV1 and UK cable channel Watch. 13 new episodes of the time traveling dino show are set to be made.

Originally ITV1 announced in June that the show had been cancelled. However, today the channel revealed that it had agreed to share the show UKTV channel Watch after a deal was agreed between Impossible Pictures and BBC Worldwide, which distributes the show internationally. Germany's Pro7 channel is also part of the deal.

ITV1 will premiere the fourth series of the show in early 2011. Watch - which already airs sci fi shows Doctor Who and Torchwood - will repeat it soon after and then premiere the fifth series later the same year, followed by ITV1.

Tim Haines, one of the show's creators, told Media Guardian: "I am thrilled that ITV has agreed to this new deal which will allow Impossible Pictures to produce another 13 episodes of Primeval. The confidence demonstrated in the programme's continued success here and abroad will help us bring more big-screen action and a whole host of new creatures roaring back into people's living rooms."

A film version is also still in development.