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Pokemon Sword and Shield's first online competition kicks off in December

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Sword and Shield's Galar Beginnings online competition starts December 6 and runs until December 8, The Pokemon Company announced. You can sign up as early as midnight GMT on Sword and Shield's launch day, November 15, and you'll have until 11:59pm on December 5 to do so.

"In the Galar Beginnings competition, you’ll be able to make your Pokémon huge by Dynamaxing them—or even have their form change by Gigantamaxing them! These effects will last for only three turns per battle, so be sure to use them wisely," reads The Pokemon Company's official event description.

Galar Beginnings is a single-battle competition that'll let players duke it out online for the very first time in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The event starts promptly at midnight GMT on Friday, December 6 and ends just before midnight on Sunday, December 8. Any Pokemon you manage to catch in Sword and Shield will be eligible, with a few "special" exceptions. You can register between three and six Pokemon to your Battle Team, and each one will automatically be leveled-up to 50 during battles.

Once you get your hands on Sword or Shield, you can register for Galar Beginnings by choosing "VS" via the X menu, hitting "Battle Stadium" and then "Online Competitions." The Pokemon Company says "there’s no need to register on the Pokémon Global Link."

At the moment, that's everything we know about Pokemon Sword and Shield's first live event, but the announcement promises more info is coming shortly, so stay tuned.

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