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Pokemon Black and White Pokedex - Landorus

#151 Unova / #645 National
Species classification: Abundance Pokemon
Ability: Prankster %26ndash; Non-damaging moves get higher priority
Dream World ability: Defiant %26ndash; User's Attack stat raises two stages for every stat lowered by an opponent (including Attack)
Location found (Black/White): Abundant Shrine
Wild hold items: None
Egg groups: Cannot breed
Capture rate: 3
Gender ratio: Male only
Experience at lvl 100: 1,250,000
Base stats: 79 HP / 115 Atk / 70 Def / 125 SAtk / 80 SDef / 111 Spd / 580 Total
Effort values: 3 Special Attack
Evolution family: None

Landorus isn't a version exclusive Pokemon itself, but to encounter it requires that you have both Tornadus and Thundurusin your party when you visit the Abundant Shrine off Route 14. Tornadus is exclusive to Black and Thundurus is exclusive to White, so if you're having trouble acquiring both of them, you could ask to borrow one from a friend just long enough to capture Landorus, in exchange for the same courtesy in return.

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