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Podcast: TalkRadar UK #43

BOOM! It's here. A brand-spanking-new episode of your favouritepodcast from the gentlemen at GamesRadar UK. This week Matt, Meiks and Nathan sharpen up their critical swords and plunge it into deep subject beastssuch as...

- E3,the biggest gaming show on the calendar, is here and the team voice their strong-worded, often sweary opinions on the big three's conferences, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.Why the eff did Microsoft spend WAY too much time onKinect? Why didn't the likeableKevin Butler present the whole Sony show? How come Ninty stillhaven't announced a HD console? It's all here.

- We read your answers to Question of the Week (If you had to promote a game at E3 how would you do it?) while also offering our own responses. Two of which are potential health and safety risks.

- Find out what we've been playing and why Nathan will never be a Street Fighter convert. Clue: He's shit at it. There's also an update on Cundy's cat-based games he's creating onWario Ware DIY too, which is worth the entrance fee alone.

- And... Meik's forgetting about his favourite game of E3 2010, MGS: Rising and why you shouldnever trust his reviews. The team wonders whether Peter Molnyeux has buried Milo under the virtual patio. Matt getting worked into a groin sweat while talking about Candy Kong's hairy legs. And some extremely helpful advice on how to break into GREditor, George Walter's house.


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Post date: Wednesday 16th June 2010
Run time: 1 hour 19 minutes 8 seconds
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