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Playing Kinect games before Nov 4 will shut you out of Xbox Live

For gamers, there's usually nothing better than seeing a game mistakenly place on the store shelf ahead of its scheduled release date. But if you find yourself in that position with a Kinect-enabled game, all you'll wind up with is a lot of aggravation.

Popping in a Kinect game will prompt users to download an Xbox Live update which will enable the system to work with Kinect. The problem is that theupdate isn't available yet, and will presumably only hit the servers when Kinect launches on November 4.

Kotakuhas cited an experience from one of its readers, who happened to get an early copy of Kinectimals. When the curious gamer popped in the game disc, it immediately triggered a download update for that specific game, and then installed an update to the Xbox 360 system. An incomplete version of the update, apparently.

"Unfortunately, the update isn't the newest version, and every time you try to sign into Live it will try to update to a version that does not exist on the server," wrote the annoyed gamer. "Since you can't connect to Live without the newest version, the system will be locked out until the update goes on the servers."

There's no way to "downgrade" to the previous dashboard, so any gamer who does the same thing will be unable to sign into Xbox Live at all until the new update becomes available for all users.

Who knew that a game as cute-looking at Kinectimals could cause such a headache?

Oct 29, 2010

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