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Perfect for Christmas: the SFX Superheroes bookazine!

It's only on sale for another few weeks - and it's brilliant! - so be sure to pick up SFX 's Ultimate Guide To Superheroes while you still can!

It'd make an ideal Christmas present for the superhero lover you know - jam-packed with 164 big pages, it's printed on thick, top quality paper and full of glossy photos and illustrations. What more, apart from a small section at the back where we reprint famous (or infamous) SFX reviews, it's ALL-NEW content!

A few tasters of what's inside: our huge poll to find out your top 50 superhero films of all time, the Stan Lee Fannish Inquisition, LOADS of Spider-Man, oodles of Superman, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians Of The Galaxy, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, 1970s superhero TV, Mego toys, Agents Of SHIELD, Arrow, Ant-Man and TONS more! Click here for more details.

SFX’s Ultimate Guide To Superheroes is on sale until mid-January in WHSmith and all good newsagents. Don’t miss it! Order it in print from or search for it in SFX ‘s Apple Newsstand container app today.