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Of course people are already selling PS4s with P.T on Ebay

As of the time of writing, P.T is still available to download on the PlayStation Store but that hasn’t stopped some canny Ebay Sellers from trying to make a quick buck. For as little as one thousand pounds, you can get a PS4 complete with the playable teaser for Kojima and Del Toro’s ill-fated Silent Hills. P.T can currently still be found in the demos section of the PlayStation Store but it’s meant to officially be removed at some point today. It's also still unclear if making the demo unavailable to new people will prevent those who had it re-downloading it from their library.

The description from one particular seller states; “This listing is to prove that people will pay stupid money for stupid things. Help me fund another PlayStation and buy this joke of an auction.” They are selling the PS4, complete with P.T, camera, extra controller and game for a mere £3100.

Other sellers are in the region of £1000 and each include a copy of the game installed on the hard drive. Hopefully they realise that they’ll have to sell their PSN log in as well as PS4 if anyone else wants the game to run properly. Hopefully no one buys one to find out.

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