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Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild bundle only £299.99 for Prime Day

Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild bundle only £299.99 for Prime Day
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Why not kick off your Nintendo Switch love affair with a modern masterpice? As part of Amazon Prime Day, you can grab a grey Nintendo Switch console and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for just £299.99. That's a worthwhile saving of £27, down from the price of buying both seperately at £326.99. 

Nintendo Switch + Breath of the Wild + £30 eShop credit |  £299.99 at Amazon (was £326.99)
Kick off your grand journey into the Nintendo Switch's back catalogue with it's best adventure yet in Breath of the Wild.View Deal

As well as the console and the game, you'll also receive £30 in eShop credit to put towards another AAA adventure like Super Mario Odyssey, or a selection of solid indie games to pad out your collection.

If you're less of an intrepid explorer and more of a football fan, you could cut £20 off and grab the same bundle with FIFA 19 and £30 of eshop credit for £279.99, a saving of £14 down from buying the game and the console seperately for £308.99!

Nintendo Switch + FIFA 19 + £30 eShop Voucher | £279.99 at Amazon (was £308.99)
Jump on this cheaper football-focused Switch bundle deal and you'll even nab some eShop credit for your trouble. Back of the net.

View Deal

If that's not your cup of tea, why don't you pick a bundle that will let you have the best of both worlds and duke it out as both Link and Mario in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? (sadly no Neymar DLC just yet.)

This package will run you £299.99, which will save you £24.99 if you were planning to purchase both the console and game seperately. You'll also get your mitts on that lucrative £30 eShop credit to spend on whatever your heart desires once you're finished kicking seven shades out of a litany of Nintendo characters. The Switch is also the red and blue variant if you're not a fan of grey.

Nintendo Switch + Super Smash Bros. Ultimate + £30 eShop Voucher | £299.99 at Amazon (was £324.98)
Grab this cheap Nintendo Switch bundle and ruin some solid friendships on the battlefield in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - then go spend your £30 eShop credit on single-player indie games...View Deal

To ensure you have enough storage space, for the games you'll be buying with the eShop credit found in all three of these bundles, perhaps you should checkout the official Nintendo Switch 128GB MicroSD card, which is only £17.99 for Prime Day.

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