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New Spider-Man: Homecoming image sees Spidey in a cage fight (kinda)

When Peter Parker isn’t writing his own terrible theme song, he occasionally has to, y’know, do that whole crime-fighting thing. A new image just released for Spider-Man: Homecoming shows Spidey perched and ready for action in a locale that looks suspiciously like a place where Vulture would hang out…

Entertainment Weekly revealed the shot, which shows Spider-Man balancing in-between two cages and eyeing something – someone – in the distance. All I’ll say is that getting bitten by a radioactive spider must give you a killer core to even attempt that pose. I’ve gotta try it some time.

As for the setting: taking previous info about Spider-Man: Homecoming’s opening scene, it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to see Michael Keaton’s Vulture on the hunt for even more Chitauri tech - and those cages sure look chockful of something valuable. Or, it could be a ballast to steady a boat. That’d certainly tie in to the ferry scene from the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer. Either way, cages normally equals big, bad stuff , especially if Vulture is sniffing around.

The man behind the mask, Tom Holland, is still learning in his fledgling steps as an on-screen superhero, but, in Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., he’s got perfect role models: “I was able to see how professional Chris Evans behaves, how Robert Downey Jr. is always on time and always prepared — it gave me a blueprint of what to do and how to act.”

Image: Marvel/Entertainment Weekly

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