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New sneak peek at Predators!

“You can’t compete with Arnold Schwarzenegger, so it’s much better to go in the opposite direction and do something the audience isn’t expecting.”

So says one Mr Robert Rodriguez, the writer/producer of this year’s increasingly awesome-looking Predators . Which, unlike a host of other big flicks, won’t be jumping on the 3D bandwagon (bit of a shame if you ask us).

Where did The Rod say this? Only on a brand new behind-the-scenes sneak peak over at the film’s official website .

"They can hear you, smell you, see you,” Laurence Fishburne intones forebodingly in just one cool snippet. We shiver in anticipation.

From what we can tell, it looks like Rod and director Nimród Antal are entirely embracing the notion of visiting the Predators’ home planet, seizing the opportunity to create a brand-new movie world that we’ve not seen before.

It’s Predator meets Pandora with a little napalm thrown in for good measure.

So, as well as the original mean-ass mofo Predator that we’re already familiar with, Rodriguez promises us a “new, updated, nastier breed” for it to high five whenever it offs a snivelling human.

Included in this new menagerie are a giant ‘Flusher’ Predator, Predator dogs and airborne Predators.

Not only that, but there will be two Predator tribes featured in the flick. “On the big screen, it’s gonna explode,” the Rod promises. Yeah, we don't doubt it.

Go check out the footage now and scurry back to let us know what you think.

Liking the look of this ugly SOB?