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Netflix's latest original series Away is one emotional rollercoaster

(Image credit: Netflix)

It's easy to miss some of the new Netflix series released every week. There are, frankly, just too many shows – and when you're not even halfway through Cobra Kai, you have to question why bother with anything else.

Well, Netflix has another new show that has been quickly building a rabid fanbase. Away stars Hilary Swank as Emma Green, an astronaut leading a three-year mission to Mars. It's not necessarily the journey that's the hard part, but the agonising pain of leaving those Emma loves behind. Each episode goes on to spotlight a different character embarking on the same mission – and each one has viewers in tears.

Being a mission to space, there's the question of how actual astronauts would react to the series. Well, if you were wondering how real-life space explorers felt about the series, you're in luck, as former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has declared the first episode "pretty good". More importantly, though, he added: "I can relate." Turns out being an astronaut's one emotional job.

Another former NASA astronaut, Mike Massimino, worked as a consultant on the show and revealed that Swank's character wears "space socks" because of his advice. According to the National Air and Space Museum, astronauts wear socks rather than shoes as "shoes are not necessary in weightlessness, but crewmembers enjoy the comfort and warmth of soft footwear." The more you know...

However, while the new Netflix series may have phenomenally accurate foot-wear, viewers have found one thing very annoying: the good phone signal. As you would expect, the show's astronauts stay as regularly in contact with their families back on Earth as much as possible, leading to some very tearjerking moments. But the strong reception the astronauts – and the Earthlings – have are leaving some people annoyed. 

Despite the phone signal plot hole, Away's definitely worth your time – if you're ready for a 10 hour weepathon. If that's not your thing, then check out the best Netflix shows to watch right now.

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