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NES sells for $13,000

Yes, we’ve once again plumbed the depths of Nintendo fandom to find the most eclectic collection of internet weirdness related to the big N. Here you’ll find cat toys, head gear, body art and more to fulfill your Mario-fuelled desires.

1) Cat toys

We’ve tried it and can’t see the appeal, but cats love catnip like weirdoes love a new Suda51 game. Order one of these catnip-filled Nintendo toys and send your pet bonkers, but make sure you get to the mailbox before the cat does, else there’ll be carnage.

2) Mini GBC

Dredging through our spam-infested inbox, we found this necklace made by Kelly Garwood. Back in January, this was. Sorry for missing it – we must have passed it by in all the excitement over the millions of dollars we’ve got waiting for us in Nigerian bank accounts.

3) Retro gaming Mario Paint medley

It’s a musical history of videogames, mashing together tunes from the early years of 8-bit all the way to the present day. Best of all, it’s done in Mario Paint’s music editor on the SNES.

4) Heart container cupcakes

Does eating one of these restore a piece of heart or remove it completely? There’s only one way to find out, and since the recipe is branded ‘easy’ we’ll be giving it a go.

5) Final Fight: The Movie

Frustrated by police interference, the Mad Gear gang decides to strong-arm a politician. Unfortunately they choose Mayor Haggar, a man who eats roast dinners out of oil drums and doesn’t take kindly to punks kidnapping his daughter, and… well, you know the rest. Watch out, Hollywood!

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