NES sells for $13,000

6) Warp pipe keepsake box

The people of the Mushroom Kingdom have been known to keep large stashes of coins inside these things. Watch out, though, because the more goodies you store in your warp pipe, the more likely it is that thieving plumbers will come a-raiding.

7) Mario meets Master Chief meets meat

Forget console wars – one intrepid gamer shows that it’s possible to combine your love of two different game series on rival formats.

8) NES sells for $13,000

This NES plus five games was listed on eBay for $9.99. That it wound up fetching $13,105 was due to one of the games – Stadium Events – being one of the rarest carts ever. Just 200 copies were sold before it was recalled, and collectors know of only ten that survived. Moral: never throw anything out.

9) Starman earrings

Ears not heavy enough? Weigh them down with a stylish pair of dangly stars. We’ve seen this sort of craft before but we thought we’d mention this particular one as the Etsy listing informed us that this type of gargantuan piercing is called a ‘tunnel gauge’. There you go.

10) Invader hat

Anything with Space Invaders on is fine by us, and we like the dangly bits coming off the sides of this hat – presumably to hold it on your head during stormy weather caused by an Invader attack. Or something. Also available in dark blue or red.

Apr 8, 2010

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