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Nathan Fillion set for cameo in Guardians Of The Galaxy

James Gunn has taken to Twitter to address the rumours linking Nathan Fillion with a part in Guardians Of The Galaxy , confirming that the star will have a brief cameo.

Fillion had initially been linked to the meatier part of Nova Prime, although Gunn also revealed that this was merely rumour, and nothing more…

"The rumours of my pal @NathanFillion playing Nova in #guardiansofthegalaxy have been greatly (and entirely) exaggerated," tweeted Gunn. "Sorry, humans."

When it was put to him that this is exactly what he'd say to throw people off the scent, Gunn replied with, "I would never and have never lied to fans".

However, he did go on to confirm that Fillion has "a very small fun cameo he did as a favour to me", so Firefly devotees can finally look forward to their hero appearing in the Marvel Universe at long last.

Directed by Gunn and co-starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper, Guardians Of The Galaxy will open in the UK on 1 August 2014.

George Wales
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