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Modern Warfare Reflex weapons and perks guide

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex presents a heap of possibilities in its expansive online mode, but it can be difficult to know where to start. The Create-a-Class option unlocks at level 4 – here’s our guide to some of the best weapons and perks, and some advice on how to use them.


There’s a reason the AK-47 is the world’s most famous gun: balance. It’s powerful and useful at close or long range, making it a good all-round weapon for beginners. Works well with the silencer attachment, too.


Unlocked at level 25, the G3 is worth the wait: it has an outstanding rate of fire. Equip the ACOG or Red Dot sights – unlike with other rifles, using these won’t reduce the amount of damage you inflict.


Available right from the start, this is actually one of the best guns you’ll come across. With a high rate of fire and a negligible amount of recoil, this is a dependable weapon in almost every situation.


Acquired at level 28, this is much more powerful than the MP5, but can be harder to aim as a result. Accuracy worsens when you equip an attachment – the best way to counter this is with the Steady Aim perk.


LMGs can be great – they have an incredible firing rate, and they’re great fun – but the reload times can be agonising. Sleight of Hand is a must, and Stopping Power is recommended to offset its low power.


A highly accurate sniper rifle, even if it’s not the most powerful of the bunch. Use the ACOG scope and the Stopping Power perk and you’ll be practically unstoppable, and every other player on the map will hate your guts.


Unlocked at level 7, this is less impressive than the M40A3, except in one important respect: it’s a semi-automatic. The ability to fire in bursts is handy for players with less confident aim, particularly beginners.

USP .45

This is a starter weapon, but it’s still a great choice of pistol thanks to its large clip size and relatively high power. It works well with a silencer, making this a good back-up weapon for lurking sniper classes.

Desert Eagle

This is much more powerful than the USP, and an undeniably cool pistol to wield. However, it’s not without drawbacks: the Eagle’s quite a loud gun, it’s impossible to fit a silencer, and there’s a massive amount of recoil.