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Block out your schedule, Minecraft: Story Mode begins October 13

Episode one of Minecraft: Story Mode will go live on October 13, and you'd better start preparing for all the difficult decisions now. You wouldn't want to get a mental block when your friends' lives are on the line (ok, ok I'll stop).

Minecraft: Story Mode will hit Telltale's usual diaspora of systems: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One will all get Episode 1: The Order of the Stone on October 13. The rollout to iOS and Android devices will start on October 15 and Wii U and PlayStation Vita will also get their own versions later on.

Usually Telltale Games are only available in retail stores after the season concludes, but this time around a "Season Pass Disc" will ship on October 27 in North America and October 30 in Europe. It comes with the first episode pre-installed and with pre-paid downloads for the other four as the season progresses.

Minecraft: Story Mode will also be the first Telltale adventure game to let you pick your character's gender - hence the protagonist's helpfully gender neutral name, Jesse.

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Connor Sheridan
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