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Microsoft confesses Xbox 360 faceplates totally tanked

Remember when Xbox 360 faceplates were all the rage? Yeah, neither do we. Its been a long time since Microsoft even triedpushing official faceplates, and ever since the new Xbox 360 S was released without a removeable faceplate, some have wondered if Microsoft just gave up on the concept altogether. Turns out that's exactly what happened...

In a recent retrospective interview about Xbox 360's successes and failures, Microsoft's Director of Global Marketing Albert Penello admits to the UK version of Official Xbox Magazine that while the company had high hopes for the plastic personlized covers, the lack of sales and general consumer apathy led to their quick and painless demise.

"Turned out nobody bought it. So [we stopped] making them. We killed that one pretty quickly," said Penello in his sit down with OXM, further explaining that, "We don't ever create an accessory with the intent of having it fail. The idea wasn't bad... people used to put faceplates on their cell phones. Rewind five years, faceplates were what everybody wanted to do."

Above: We'd suggest the facts that so many of the designs were lame and the faceplates weren't exactly easy to snap on and off didn't help at all. But that's just us.

The full interview will appear in OXM UK's next issue. Microsoft is also planning to release a special edition 'Failed Faceplates of 2007-2010' commemorate faceplate this holiday season. Alright, we made that last part up, but that's one accessory we'd definitely consider buying.

Source:Official Xbox Magazine UK

Dec 16, 2010