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"Makes me excited for season 10" – The internet reacts to The Walking Dead season 9 finale

The Walking Dead season 9
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The Walking Dead season 9 finale had a lot to live up to after, y’know, that whole spiky situation last week. Tensions were icy, to say the least and, now, things were even colder thanks to an episode that ramped up the wintry weather conditions. 

For some, however, it was a let-down after last week, while others were pleased with the season overall and felt *that* mystery was enough for them to keep watching. So, without further ado: here are the best reactions to The Walking Dead season 9, episode 16.

Snow joke

Winter has finally arrived in The Walking Dead. With the show spending the majority of its time in sweltering Georgia, things never really got too chilly. But snow set in this week, leading to some of the coolest moments in the show, pun absolutely intended.

Negan is good now?

He’s gone from baseball bat-swinging brute to Judith’s saviour. Maybe it’s time to start re-thinking whether we hate Negan. His daring dash into the blizzard to save Rick Grimes’ maybe-maybe-not daughter, warmed our hearts – and everyone else’s too. 

Not everybody was impressed...

Maybe it was because last week’s pike massacre was so darned brutal, but this week didn’t live up to expectations for many. You can’t have deaths all the time, yet maybe placing a deliberately slow-paced episode as your last one for six months isn’t going to please the masses, no matter how good the season has been. 

Dog is A-OK

The tension still remained in The Walking Dead season 9 finale, though. Dog, Daryl’s talented tracker pupper, went missing in the snowstorm. Surely they wouldn’t kill off a doggo now? Haven’t we suffered enough?! As it turns out, everything was fine in the end. Phew. That was a tough ten minutes. 

We're all going radio gaga

Just who was that on the other end of the radio? That’s a question for The Walking Dead season 10 to (hopefully) answer, but it hasn’t stopped people guessing the person’s identity 

What's next?

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