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Mafia 2 Playboy guide

It’s hard to imaginea less dignified ormobster-like activitythan continually dropping everything to search every inch of every room for pornography, but that’s exactly what Mafia II asks you to do – assuming, of course, that you’re trying to collect all 50 issues of Playboy scattered throughout the game and net the Ladies’ Man Achievement/Trophy. Stop. Don’t waste time and/or ruin the tension of every action scene by scrounging for naked pictures of women nowold enough to be your great-grandmother. We already did it for you, and now we’ll save you the guesswork by pointing out where to find every last one.

Above: Just think – your grandpa may have once kept thisvery centerfold hidden under his mattress. Now you can bond!

Bear in mind that, unlike the wanted posters (which we’ll have a guide on very soon), issues of Playboy are tied to their particular chapters – just because something’s in a freely accessible location doesn’t mean you can go back and find it later. If you miss them, you’ll need to reload the appropriate chapter to find them again –and we recommend holding off until you’ve finished the game (or at least finished whatever chapter you’re currently playing so that your last save isn't overwritten) before you do that.

Playmate 1
Playmate 3

Playmate 18
Playmate 4
Playmate 40
Playmate 6
Playmate 5

Playmate 9
Playmate 2
Playmate 8
Playmate 7

Playmate 11
Playmate 10
Playmate 12

Playmate 13
Playmate 14
Playmate 15

Playmate 50
Playmate 16
Playmate 17

Playmate 46
Playmate 19
Playmate 21
Playmate 20

Playmate 41
Playmate 23
Playmate 22
Playmate 24

Playmate 25
Playmate 27
Playmate 26
Playmate 48

Playmate 47
Playmate 29
Playmate 28
Playmate 49
Playmate 30

Playmate 33
Playmate 31
Playmate 32

Playmate 34
Playmate 36
Playmate 35

Playmate 44
Playmate 37
Playmate 38

Playmate 45
Playmate 39
Playmate 43
Playmate 42

Chapter 2

Don’t bother looking for Playboy in the game’s first chapter, since the magazine didn’t really exist in Sicily during World War II. Technically it didn’t exist in the ‘40s at all, but that won’t stop you from finding them when Vito returns to Empire Bay.

Playmate 1: Your very first issue of Playboy is sitting on Joe’s coffee table in plain sight. Be sure to grab it before you head outdoors with him.

Playmate 3: When Joe takes you to meet Mike Bruski, look across the yard from where Bruski’s office and the giant car crusher are. You’ll see a building with garage doors and one normal-sized door. Head on in.

Once inside, look to your right. You’ll see the next issue on a shelf.

Chapter 3

Playmate 18: As you leave Derek Papalardo’s office, look on the floor immediately to the left of the door. You’ll find what presumably was the Playboy Steve was reading just moments before.

Above: Ew,it's stillwarm

Playmate 4: When you enter Maria Agnello’s apartment building, look to the left of the shelves standing just opposite the door. You’ll find the next issue laying on the floor.

Playmate 40: After you break into the building, you’ll find the next Playboy sitting on the corner of the guard’s desk in the lobby.

Playmate 6: Facing the back of the guard's desk, turn to your left and walk straight toward the adjoining hallway...

... where you’ll find a set of double doors on the left. Open them and headthrough the next hallway until you reach a blue door. Open it and go down the stairs.

You’ll enter a circular hallway (this is also where you’ll find the alarm system, if you’d like to shut it off). Head around to the far side, where you’ll find this solitary door:

Go inside and walk to your left. You’ll see the next issue laying in this well-lit alcove.

Playmate 5: When you reach the director’s office (which has the key you'll need to access the room with the safe), walk just across the hall to find the industrial specialist’s office. Go inside.

Once you’re in the door, the next issue will be on a windowsill immediately to your right.

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