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Let's tape a Flip Cam to the Black Ops RC car!

You may have already heard, but Call of Duty: Black Ops released today. Thousands of you are already playing (is it millions yet?), but have you fiddled around with the Prestige Edition's RC "surveillance" car? It's actually not all that crap, and while it does include a tiny viewscreen on the receiver that displays what the car can see, it's far better to just grab some tape and attach an HD flip cam to the thing.

Above: This took much longer than I want to admit

Naturally this meant we had to drive it around the office and harass people - which we did, but until it's all edited together our hour of dicking around amounts to a lot of ceiling and crotch shots. But, if you're looking to kill a few minutes, here's what we've posted so far:

Above: The first trip around the office, past Lizzie and Charlie, then into Chris' ever-humping crotch. Eventually the camera topples off and we have to cut

Above: Outside, we drove it off a tiny ledge and into some brush and dirt. It holds up pretty well!

Got any ideas for YouTube vids using cameras and this car? Link us to 'em and we'll see about posting them on the site! And while the urge for upskirt shots is strong, please use the car for good, not evil.

Oh, if you'd like some actual Black Ops coverage:

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November 9, 2010