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LEGO Lord of the Rings minikit guide

Weathertop [6-10]

Minikit #6: When you reach these dangling vines, use the Uruk-hai to pull out a glowing handle and reveal a minikit.

Minikit #7: Just before exiting the cave, you’ll find a cracked tile. Smash it with Gimli’s axe and grab the minikit on the other side.

Minikit #8: During the Ringwraith skirmish, head north to find another glowing handle. Yank it with the Uruk-hai for another minikit.

Minikit #9: There are small targets around the perimeter of the skirmish area. Shoot them with Legolas for a minikit.

Minikit #10: Use the Berserker to bomb the Mithril bricks in the southeast area of the skirmish zone. This creates some building blocks in the Ringwraith’s dimension.

Switch control to Frodo and use the build action to construct a machine with a crank. Turn the crank to generate a minikit.

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