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LEGO Lord of the Rings minikit guide

The Dead Marshes [1-5]

Minikit #1: As the level begins, turn around and smash the broken tile with Gimli’s axe. This will create some loose pieces which can be used to assemble a jetty. Build it and fish from it to pull out a fish. Then turn northwest and chuck the fish at the hanging pan across the water. This spawns a minikit and creates a safe path through the water to it.

Minikit #2: On the eastern edge of the starting island you’ll see another cracked tile. Hit it with Gimli’s axe to make some skulls pop out of the water. Strike five of these tiles throughout the level, and you’ll have yourself a minikit.

On the very next island, move north to find the second skull tile.

At one point, you’ll raise a narrow beam by weighing down one side of a skeleton. Cross to the island and look southeast to find this skull tile.

Eventually, Gollum will run out into the waters only partially. When you catch him, he’ll keep moving, leaving flames in the actual water. When this happens, look to your left. The fourth bone tile is on the western edge of that island.

The final skull tile rests on the island adjacent to the giant skeleton.

Minikit #3: When you reach an island by jumping across four small platforms, turn southeast to find another small platform floating alone in the water. Jump to it and slowly make your way across the other platforms it spawns. At the end, use Sam’s rope on the hook in the bottom of the screen to yank a minikit to you.

Minikit #4: After putting out the flames that somehow burn while in the water, look to the northwest of the next island. Use the Uruk-hai on the golden handle to release an alligator. After a cutesy cut scene, you’ll be rewarded with a minikit.

Minikit #5: When you reach the island with the dark hollow tree, smash the Morgul brick with Aragorn’s sword. This spawns a speedboat, a ghost, and two bones on the islands you just came from (seriously). Backtrack, grab the two bones, and combine them into a steering wheel. Return to the ghost and turn in the wheel for a minikit reward.

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