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Latest project from Berberian Sound Studio director announced

His debut, Katalin Varga , was a Romanian language rape revenge flick, his second was a love letter to cinema foley with the most unfriendly title ever ( Berberian Sound Studio ) and now Peter Strickland’s third feature, The Duke Of Burgundy , due to begin shooting next year, will apparently be about an amateur lepidopterist (butterfly collector).

The Duke of Burgundy , is a dark melodrama following the female moth fanatic (Chiara D’Anna from Berberian ) and the conflicts between her desires and those of her lover.

“After damaging my eardrums with too many screams during the Berberian sound mix, I wanted to make something tender and quiet, but also quite intense.

It's a simple love story about a devoted couple whose intimate needs are rarely in harmony," says Strickland, who took the Best Director Award at the BIFAs recently.

The Duke Of Burgundy
will be produced by Ben Wheatley’s production company Rook Films, which also has upcoming projects from Kill List and Sightseers director Wheatley including English Civil War flick A Field In England , cops vs monsters sci-fi Freakshift , and claymation project Mega Evil Motherfuckers!

Wilfully uncommercial, but undeniably talented, Strickland is one to watch, while The Duke Of Burgundy could just be the greatest lepidopterist movie of recent times.

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