Kingdom Hearts 3 in development for the PlayStation 4, for real this time

Final Fantasy XV? Whatever. Metal Gear Solid V? Pfft. Old. The real news today comes in the form of a teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, a game that is actually, totally, really, seriously in development. After years of murmurs and denials, Square and Disney have finally gotten back together to give us the next generation of Sora's quest to destroy the Heartless (and steal our hearts).

At first, the trailer was all, like, "here are logos from other Kingdom Hearts games to make you think this is going to be another HD remake," and then this happened:

And we were like, "hey, we don't remember that from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop 352/Chains of Memories. Think it might be from... no, it couldn't be."

And then, all of a sudden, this happened:

And we were like, "wait a second, it couldn't possibly... no..."

And then:

Boom! Kingdom Hearts III. As we live and breathe. It's currently "in development" for the PlayStation 4. No launch window was given, but we're going to suggest you not hold your breath, as it might be a while. A... long while.