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Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Emblem locations: where to find all of the hidden Mickey Mouse-shaped icons

Kingdom Hearts 3 - San Fransokyo Lucky Emblems

The only lucky emblem inside Hiro's Garage, this one is made out of coils of wire on the wall.


Travel to the South District and climb on top of the giant white chef statue. Look to the boundaries of the map to find this lucky emblem made out of three red bushes.


This lucky emblem can only be found at night time, so go ahead and switch it over if you need to. Climb the huge building with the M on then jump across to the one with the blue neon lights. On the small advert for Tsukiji & Sons Delicatessen, you'll find a lucky emblem projected onto it.


Climb back up the building with the M then look off to the west. There's a lucky emblem on one of the hand fans the statue is holding.


Look north from the same building and head toward the building with the silver metal dome on top. There's a lucky emblem on said dome.


Climb to the top of the huge building with the oversized fans surrounding it. There's a lucky emblem on the roof, near the green air vent that will propel you up.


Look in the sky in the eastern portion of the city for a huge flying fish. Climb on top of it and you'll find another lucky emblem.


In the Northern District, look for the small park with the pink trees. Walk west and as you approach the staircase, you'll see a lucky emblem in the stairs.


Hop up to the monorail tunnel above the last lucky emblem and stand in the middle of the track to line up this lucky emblem on the wall.


Turn around and hop down to find a small yellow car with a lucky emblem engraved on the door.


The final Kingdom Hearts 3 lucky emblem can be found at the very top of the spire on the tallest building in the city. Simply climb to the very top to find it.

Congratulations, you've found all of the lucky emblems in Kingdom Hearts 3!

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