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Killzone 2: The Review Scores

So the first results are in. PS3’s flagship title, Killzone 2, is about to break cover and the early reviews are already coo-ing over Sony’s shooter.

We'll be delivering our very own, no holds-barred verdict on Monday, but in the meantime here’s what the critics have had to say so far.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK - 9/10

...this is PS3 showing what it’s truly capable of and delivering a landmark piece of explosive entertainment you can’t afford to miss.

Official PlayStation Magazine US - 5/5

... it’s fitting that the end feels like you’ve stepped off a rollercoaster; a little shaken having endured the odd moment that wasn’t perfectly fluid but ultimately beaming with satisfaction of a great ride experienced.

The Portugese counterpart agree but either something has been lost in translation or they’re kings of contradiction as these quotes prove...

Official PlayStation Magazine Portugal - 9/10

... very solid gameplay that succeeds in innovating with the inplementation of a cover system. Immediately followed by...the cover system doesn’t always work in the most adequate way.

Croatian mag Gameplay creamed their knickers entirely with their praise and awarded maximum points with their odd-scoring system…

Gameplay - 20/20

... Although Crysis (the only real Killzone 2 competitor) looks more realistic, KZ2 is at the moment the absolute winner considering visual beauty and graphic accomplishments.

Taking the shine off these glowing reviews is men’s mag Maxim with this gem...

Maxim US - 3.5/5

...impressive lighting effects, motion blur and graphics make this first-person shooter the hottest girl at the ball, if not quite the best dancer.

Note: This is the ‘whole’ Maxim review for Killzone 2. All 24 words of it for potentially one of the biggest games of the year. It even scored less than 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, which bagged a 4/5. They also claim that Street Fighter IV lacks ‘old school soul’. Oh dear.

So there you have it. Tune in to GamesRadar next Monday for our definitive and unbiased Killzone 2 review.

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