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Just Cause 3 vintage part locations guide

U-24 Zabijak (Insula Fonte, continued)


Coordinates: 41.763, 44.086

This one’s tough to grab thanks to the airstrikes, but you’ll find it in a ravine by the fortress itself, next to a ruined wall.

Sirocco Nord #1

Coordinates: 39.406, 42.158

There’s a small island in the water directly north of Porto Vena. Check it to find this in the sand.

Sirocco Nord #2

Coordinates: 39.240, 43.398

This is found inside a cave beneath Guardia Sirocco II. You can enter from the beach to the northeast.

Sirocco Sud #1

Coordinates: 38.520, 42.654

There’s a cave in the hills adjacent to Laguna Del Sol. Check inside to find the part.

Sirocco Sud #2

Coordinates: 38.040, 41.388

Head for the small islands at the western edge of the province. You’ll find a part in the dirt there.

Soros #1

Coordinates: 37.351, 40.078

There are some ruins in the small island between the two larger ones. Check by them to find this buried there.

Soros #2

Coordinates: 37.026, 39.500

Look underneath the airstrip near the centre of the western island to find this one.

Soros #3

Coordinates: 37.122, 38.981

There’s a large cave underneath Cava De Rebelles. The easiest way in is by the beach to the west. You’ll find a part buried inside whenever you enter.

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