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Javier Bardem mulls Chilean miner movie role

He hasn't signed on any dotted lines just yet, but Javier Bardem has expressed interest in playing a key role in the inevitable Chilean miners movie.

“I think what happened in Chile has been a very historic situation,” Bardem told Total Film . "History needs time to see the reaction – the social, economic and political echoes.

"You need time to look back and really see what happened after a historic event like that.

"It’s not a movie I would want to do today, I want to do it some years from now – as long as the story is of the same level of drama as the actual event, which is not going to be easy.”

Sounds like a cautious, ‘I’ll do it if the script is right’ response then, but given the cinematic triumph-over-adversity nature of the story, it wouldn't be too hard to scratch out something that could tickle Bardem's fancy.

And who better to play a stoic, broad-shouldered Latino than a man who's built a career playing stoic, broad-shouldered Latinos?

Our bet is that once James Franco garners his expected brace of nominations for playing a man stuck in a hole in 127 Hours , Bardem will want to go down a much bigger one.

Is Bardem the man for the mine movie? Or would this be a case of truth being more gripping than fiction?