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Japanese retailers officially phasing out Xbox 360 sales

The further decline insales can be attributed to many factors, but possibly the most fatally damaging has been the 360's lack of popular exclusive games in Japan. Kinect also sold poorly in Japan, so its releasedidn't provide the boost in sales and system longevity that we saw in the US. Because of this earlydropoff of the 360, Microsoft mayhave troublefinding a way to convince Japanese retailers to carry the successor to the 360 when that time finally comes around, which isn't expected until at least 2014.

The good news is (at least for consumers), with shops looking to dump their current stock, 360 games can be found in bargain bins for as little as 100 yen, and the Halo: Reach hardware bundlehas been spottedfor as low as 9,980 yen (about $130). Andalthough most physical stores will no longer carry Microsoft's gaming wares, Japanese consumers canstill purchase 360s and 360 games online through sites like Amazon.

Aug 18, 2011

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