Is this Avatars Powersuit?

Given that James Cameron is keeping Avatar locked up tighter than most government facilities, we've seen very little from the movie. But now it looks like we can get a glimpse of one of the big pieces of kit from the movie.

3D blog MarketSaw, which has been covering the movie feverishly has received a pic of what appears to be a Powersuit from the film.

While the majority of the footage will be Cameron's much vaunted 3D photo real animation, there are some physical props being used and this looks very much like A) something that would crop up in a JC film and B) something that Weta- which has been working on the movie - would build.

So yes... After trailer teasers, official pics that mostly consist of Cameron behind the scenes pointing at things, blurry monitor shots and possible alien imagery, we now get what appears to be the first clear pic of something that will appear in Avatar.

Now what we reallty want are exciting, action-packed pics from the movie itself. Come on, JC: make with the promotionals!

[Source: MarketSaw ]

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