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Infinity Blade getting new level cap and Santa hats in first major update

Chair Entertainment's immensely successful iOS game, Infinity Blade, is scheduled to get its first major update tomorrow. It will add a higher level cap, new equipment, a way to pay for virtual gold, an intimidating new enemy and - of course - Santa hats!

Called the 'Booster Pack', the update contains five new swords, shields and helmets, including a festive 'Santa helm' which we're sure the God King will find quite endearing. The pack will also kick the game's level cap up to 45, allow players to pipe in their own music during play, and introduce the new Marrow Fiend enemy (shown below).

Alongside the goodies above, the update will also make it possible for players to pay real money for in-game gold.

The first 'Booster Pack' will be available starting tomorrow, with a larger, more substantial update reported to follow sometime in the new year.

Dec 20, 2010

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