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"Incredibly distasteful" – The most brutal reactions to the Slender Man movie trailer

No, you haven’t travelled back in time. The Slender Man movie is actually a thing in 2018. The trailer is out now and, as you’d expect, the internet has been abuzz about the hottest meme of *Googles* 2010. Uhh, well, Hollywood may not be striking while the iron is hot but, hey, at least it’s got people talking, right? *Googles again* Oh. Oh dear.

A real-life tragedy

For those unaware, two girls repeatedly stabbed another child in Wisconsin, saying they were forced to do so by Slender Man. Probably not the best idea to centre a trailer around several young girls then, really. No one is exactly pleased with that decision…

Years too late

Away from that, there’s also the issue of Slender Man pre-dating the tragedy entirely and, frankly, being a bit old hat (and suit and tie). Memes are confined to a time and place, people. First The Emoji Movie, then Slender Man. What’s next for 2019, a Dolan Duck musical?

Chances of this being good? Slim to none

The trailer itself is a bit, how do I put it, generic. There are stock images a-plenty and it’s giving off a serious school project vibe, which a lot of people have picked up on. Hey, at least it doesn’t ruin the entire plot of the movie like seemingly every other trailer.

But some people are hoping for the best...

There are eternal optimists, and then are those who think Slender Man could be a bit. You brave, brave souls. If nothing else, it could be a decent ironic watch. Think The Room with fewer spoons and more eyeball mutilations.

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