id "keen" for new Enemy Territory game

id Software has significant plans for its Enemy Territory series judging by the words spilling out its mouth during a recent interview on the forthcoming Quake Wars.

Speaking to PC Zone magazine about what's next for ET, id's Kevin Cloud explained the developer is "keen to start on a new world in a new ET, building on what we've done."

Quite where a new Enemy Territory would be set is open to speculation - Cloud didn't go into specifics - but there's already a number of ideas bouncing around that could feature in the next game.

"When you work on a game you get a ton of ideas, and sometimes you have gameplay mechanics that won't fit into the structure - you can't just plug them in. They're just sitting on the table - ideas that myself and Paul [Wedgewood, head of Splash Damage] have talked about," Cloud said.

He added that Enemy Territory 's future "will certainly be something to look forward to..."

We'd expect nothing less.

March 13, 2007