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Hulu may be announced for PS3 as soon as next week

Reuters recently reported that Hulu and Microsoft may be close to a deal which would offerHulu'sstreaming shows and movies on the 360 (for a price). Now Bloomberg brings us new anonymous rumblings which suggest that Sony could make a deal first - possibly as soon as next week. Thanks for the update, "two people with knowledge of the talks..."

Ultimately, once a pricing structure is determined, Hulu's going to be everywhere. The only things really in question are how much you'll have to pay, and how (subscription, or à la carte). We don't mind paying for Netflix's streaming videos, sothough we're used to it being free, we might not mind a monthlyfee for Hulu's. Their collection is more current, and as far as we're concerned, the closer cable TV comes to extinction, the better.

Jun 25, 2010