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Hulu coming to 360? Get ready to pay

It’s a rumor that's been going around for a little while, but this recentReuters storyis treating it as essentially fact: Hulu, the streaming video service, is coming to Xbox 360, along with the iPad. Again, this has yet to be confirmed, but it seems pretty certain that the ad-supported service that streams network shows like The Office, Glee, and The Bachelorette (not that I watch that show or anything) among tons of other videos, will soon be viewable on your 360, only now it’s going to cost you.

Above: You could watch fresh clips of this lazy fatass on your 360. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

No price has been announced yet, but it’s a little surprising that something that forces ads upon you as the price for quality streaming video is now going to start charging you for the honor of watching a 45-second Tide ad before The Simpsons. And not just for use on your 360 or iPad either, apparently the site itself will start charging to watch all but the newest of shows. And while getting Hulu on the 360 would be a big deal for Microsoft, as you can’t normally watch Hulu on your PS3, the price factor complicates things.

Above: Access to Hulu also means you could watch the best SNL sketch of the last five years, The Falconer

If this is true, how will it all work exactly? Just from a money standpoint it’s getting a little pricey. Let’s say the Hulu subscription is $10 a month, which is pretty much what Netflix with streaming costs for 360. And if it works like Netflix as well, you’ll need a Gold membership to even use it. So here you are, paying $50 a year for Gold, then another $10 or so a month to use a service that’s currently free. And if you’re already subscribing to Netflix, this whole proposition is really adding up. And will there still be ads forced upon you?

Above: Another SNL sketch? Is the author that lazy?

Then again, Microsoft could follow what Hulu seems to be planning by making a limited amount of programming free to watch, maybe even to Silver users, while having the huge back-catalogue available to subscribers only. But that presupposes a more charitable Microsoft than I think exists. Personally, I barely use Netflix enough to make it worth the monthly fee, but when I do watch it, it’s almost always a TV show, so maybe I should drop it for a Hulu subscription of similar price, especially if Hulu won’t be free on the PC anymore. What about you readers? Hulu or Netflix? Both or neither? Let me know in the comments and let’s all wait till Microsoft’s E3 press conference where hopefully this whole thing will be explained.

Jun 9, 2010

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