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How to level up fast in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite
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If you want to level up fast in Halo Infinite, there's a few tactics and ideas to keep in mind. The gradual progress that was a sticking point for the game to start with has undergone some changes, but it's still not a brisk experience and many players want to know how to speed up the levelling process. It's pretty likely that we'll see more changes in the future, but right now here's everything for you to know about how to level up quick in Halo Infinite, including quick levelling up for the event pass for the Fractures: Tenrai event.

How to level up fast in Halo Infinite

Halo infinite level up fast

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The Halo Infinite Battle Pass isn't an easy thing to level up fast even after the updates, mainly because there's so few ways to level up that there's not really any room for exploits and tricks along the way. Progression is achieved at time of writing by completing specific daily and weekly challenges, all of which gain you EXP. That's the only way of doing it right now, so killstreaks, wins and clever play don't reward you if they don't serve challenge completion. 

However, while this is a very limited bracket to work within, there are some tips we can provide to make the whole thing a bit more efficient.

  • Focus on specific challenges: Some challenges are so specific that simply playing the game means you might not get them for a while. Instead, check before every game, then see what seems feasible once you're in the match. For example, if you have a challenge about sniper rifle headshots, see if there's one on the map for you to use, then prioritise getting it ASAP.
  • Play as much as possible: A recent updated provided a 300XP reward for the first game played every day, with declining XP bonuses for subsequent matches until levelling out at 50XP until the next day. Playing regularly earns big rewards for players, in other words.
  • Use challenge swaps smartly: You can buy one-use Challenge Swap tokens from the store that allow you to exchange one challenge for another random one, but you can also get them for completing stages of the Pass itself. They're rare enough that you want to use them when absolutely necessary - for example, one challenge might ask you to hijack multiple aircraft (not easy) while another simply asks you to complete a few matches (just a matter of time). Clearly some can be thrown out without regret, just make sure you don't waste the swaps you have.
  • EXP Boosts and EXP Grants: When all else fails, you can spend real money in the store on these single-use perks. EXP Boosts double the amount of experience you earn for an hour, so if you have a bunch of high-value challenges close to completion, this can do a lot for you. Meanwhile, the EXP Grants are basically payments for blocks of experience. Depending on your circumstances, either of these might be more effective, but neither is free.
  • Use events to your advantage: As we saw from the Fractures: Tenrai event, these tend to come with a lot of easy, high-reward challenges. Stack up a bunch of these, trigger an EXP boost, and let the levels come rolling in. Applied right, you can go up five levels within the hour.

That's the most we have to offer right now, but we'll be sure to update this page as more information and updates come through. The changes to the Battle Pass have been well-received, but it's likely we'll see more refinements and changes over the coming months, as the developers have been receptive to player feedback and clearly want to maintain long-term interest in Halo Infinite.

How to level up the Event Pass fast and unlock the Yoroi armor core

Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai multiplayer event Yokai helmet reward

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When it comes to levelling up the event pass for the Halo Infinite Tenrai event, that's a little different. This event isn't tied to experience in any way, but the specific Fiesta-related challenges with orange tags on them. For each one you complete, you'll raise a rank higher in that event pass. However, there are only six or seven event-related challenges available for each week it comes out, so players will have to return to each release of the event and rack up the few challenges that are there to progress the Tenrai pass a little further. 

When it comes to actually progressing through the challenges as fast as possible to unlock the Yoroi armour core set, that's not too difficult. Most of the Tenrai event challenges are pretty easy, involving playing the Fiesta game mode in some form - getting headshots, wins, or just playing it enough. However, they're mixed in with other challenges and it might be difficult to get through those to fill it back with the upcoming event challenges. Our above advice to focus on specific challenges and use challenge swaps smartly both apply here - if you have event challenges, prioritise those. If you don't, try and beat the easiest, quickest ones, or just trade them out for something more manageable.

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