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How to get the Far Cry 5 gun that shoots shovels

The latest Far Cry 5 live event, White Collar Job, starts today and is well worth participating in for a chance to grab the grand prize: a Shovel Launcher. All you have to do to get it is sign up and take out some wolves - including Jacob Seed's brainwashed Judges - with arrows.

To get the outlandish gun, you'll need to collect ten collars. If the community hits its targets, you'll also score a special shirt. 

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The event only just started today, but some players have already grabbed the new gun and shared their thoughts online, and it sounds pretty fun. Not to mention useful, if the next load of Far Cry 5 DLC happens to feature sentient dung piles or giant sandcastles.   

Once you've scored your special new toy, check out the best far Cry 5 secret mission.  

Rachel Weber

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