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How to get Prey’s maintenance tunnel code and find Kimberly Bomo’s body

Floating through Prey’s G.U.T.S. Zero-G tunnels is deceptively calm. Apart from the corpses, that is. During the Detour mission in Prey you'll come across a locked door leading to the Arboretum. It's impossible to get through it without the access code (which is randomly generated, by the way) which you'll find by discovering the body of Kimberly Bomo. But where the hell is she? We're about to tell you. Watch the video or read this snappily short article: it’s up to you!

To find her corpse, first go down the tunnel until you get to the locked door. Make sure the keypad is on your right, then turn around and head upwards, towards the open grating that has a turquoise pipe running behind it. There’s a flame spurting out of a pipe just above it - you can’t miss it. A pair of headphones is floating beside it too, in case you need another visual clue. When you get there, turn around and head down towards the section of the pipe that’s painted blue. Kimberly is floating just underneath it. 

She’s behind where a handful of cystoid nests are, so if you haven’t killed the nests yet you’re definitely going to have to pump them full of bullets. They’re attached to this slim white pipe, and the larger white pipe with the blue painted section. Watch out for the explosive cystoids they’ll spurt your way. Get the code off her, and then you’re all set. Just watch out for more of those bouncy cystoids in the next tunnel. Happy Preying!

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