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Horizon Zero Dawn power cell locations: how to unlock Aloy's secret Shield Weaver armour

The Shield Weaver is one of the rarest armour sets you can get in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is acquired as part of the Ancient Armory quest, which involves tracking down power cells around the world and returning to the bunker of the old ones to open up a locked door. 

This is no easy feat, but the reward is totally worth it. The Shield Weaver armour forms a protective barrier around its wearer, which soaks up damage from robot attacks like nothing at all. This means that you’ll have a greater chance of surviving against the likes of snawmaws, rockbreakers, and stormbirds, provided you give the armour time to recharge in between hits.

We’ve detailed all the Horizon Zero Dawn power cell locations beneath, should you want to go in search of the armour for yourself, as well as information on how to trigger the quest in the first place. Follow our instructions and you too will be able to laugh in the face of death.

Finding the Horizon: Zero Dawn power cell quest

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Triggering the power cell quest is easy. In the middle of the Embrace (the eastern side of the world map and the area Aloy starts in) you'll find a ruin south-west of Devil’s Thirst. You’ll know you’re near when you see rusty pylons next to a large rock formation. Climb up to the top of the rocks and drop down into a small underground lake, then follow it until you come to a rip in the rockface which’ll lead into the ancient, high-tech bunker. 

You’ll be able to see the Shield-Weaver armour as soon as you step in. Simply run around to the right to see the fact that the door into the room where the armour is kept is sealed by five locks - three of them functional, two of them not. Aloy will quickly deduce that you need something to get them up and running. Namely, power cells. Now the Ancient Armory quest will trigger, and you’ll see that you need two power cells to open the bunker door. After that set of doors opens you’ll need another three to open the locks holding the armour in place. Yup, that means you have to find a grand total of five power cells. Unfortunately the map doesn’t show you the locations where they're hiding. But don’t worry, because I’ve done all the hard work of finding them for you (you’re welcome).

Horizon: Zero Dawn power cell locations - keep those eyes peeled!

Power cell location 1: Ancient ruins
At the beginning of Horizon: Zero Dawn a young Aloy will fall into an old, abandoned high-tech facility underground. Unsurprisingly she makes her way out of it without a problem, but when you start playing the grown-up Aloy you’ll want to head back there asap. After you make your way through the set of bunker doors you had to work out how to unlock as a child, there’s a doorway straight ahead of you blocked by stalactites. Smash them with your spear to open up a way into the room, and you’ll see the power cell right in front of you. It’ll have a green diamond hovering above it. Pick it up and you’re ⅕ of the way to getting the armour!

Power cell location 2: All-Mother Mountain
The second one is in All-Mother mountain, which you’ll find yourself in after The Proving questline. Once you’ve found all of your things in the large room, don’t follow Teersa to the left. Instead go straight forward towards the locked bunker door, which will have a bright red glowing hologram on it. Turn to the left, look down and you’ll see a tunnel. Crawl through it to the end and the next power cell will be waiting for you there. 

Power cell location 3: Maker's End
Fans of Horizon’s fluid climbing will love where the third power cell is: right at the top of the Faro skyscraper. Aloy voyages there as part of the ‘Maker’s End’ quest which will take you to - yes, you guessed it - the Maker’s End ruins. Scale up to the very top of the tower, to Faro’s office. Once you’re outside turn around and clamber up to the platform at the bottom of the large strut stretching upwards, which ends in the tip of the skyscraper. There are handholds sneakily placed up the wall which you’ll want to haul yourself up - simply follow them all the way to the top, where the green power cell will be waiting. 

Put that armor to good use!

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Power cell location 4: Grave-Hoard
The fourth power cell is hiding at the Grave-Hoard, which you’ll be sent to as part of (surprise surprise) the ‘Grave-Hoard’ main storyline quest. Once you’ve solved the three lock puzzles to get the ancient bunker doors open, go through the doors and continue straight ahead, opening another set of bunker doors on the left of the corridor. The main ‘Grave-Hoard’ quest will have you run straight past it, so all you have to do is look down and the power cell will be at your feet, beside a supply crate and some mushrooms. 

Power cell location 5: GAIA Prime
Lastly, you’ll have to have the ‘The Mountain That Fell’ quest. Make your way to GAIA Prime, and once you’ve seen the hologram depicting Faro talking to the alpha scientists in the boardroom, make your way back down the stairs. Do not make your way down the zipwire. Instead go to the ledge to the left of it, outside of the ruined metal structure and to the left of the curved metal struts, and carefully move towards the edge of the cliff. An option will pop up to ‘drop down to ledge’, revealing a secret path down to a hidden-in-plain-sight area. Move towards the left and Aloy will find the path downwards. Once you get to a ledge, drop down and make your way to the right, jumping up to a higher platform with some medicinal mushrooms on it. Make you way inside the purple-lit room and voila. To your right there’ll be the power cell on a shelf.

Now you’re ready to claim the Shield-Weaver armour!

Solving the Shield-Weaver armour door puzzle

Once you’ve made your way back to the ruins, make your way around to the right and slot two power cells into the broken hologram slots. The holograms will jump into life, but you’ll have to swivel them into a specific position to make the doors open. A display on the right will display five 24-hour time codes: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, and 0000.

If you imagine each lock is a clockface, it doesn’t take too much pondering to work out that you’ll have to match the position of the holographic locks to these times. From right to left move the red section to these positions: top, right, bottom, left, and top. 

Unlocking the Shield-Weaver armour clamps

Now you can glimpse the futuristic (or, more accurately, ancient) armour up close, but you can’t quite get your mitts on it yet. Make your way through the doors on the left of the room to find five more holographic locks. Once you’ve crammed the remaining three power cells into each gap, another code will pop up on the left. This time it has the following numbers displayed: 90, 270, 360, 450, and 630. 

Seeing as these are codes denoting angles, you’ll have to turn the red sections (from left to right) to the following positions: right, left, top, right, and left. Boom! Now the clamps are open and you can complete the quest, getting a Shield-Weaver treasure box as a reward. Inside is the best armour in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Enjoy.