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Where to find every vantage point in Horizon Zero Dawn

Hidden around the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, lurking in forests or shooting up high into the sky, are twisted metal structures which probably look oddly familiar. Near these rugged ruins of apartment buildings, skyscrapers and factories are some dangerously high platforms where you can find vantage points, collectibles which’ll give you an insight into what the world looked like before everything went to hell. Aloy can tap into these recordings using her Focus to see what the ruins looked like before they were destroyed in all their spotless urban glory. Playing alongside each bit of footage is a diary entry from a mysterious character who went on a tour of all of the locations, saying goodbye to them as the world fell apart around him. 

However, they’re not always easy to find. Handholds hide beneath vines. Ledges to haul yourself up merge into the cliff-face, their white outlines barely visible. So to help out all of you who want to have Aloy scampering up towering structures (and trying desperately not to get vertigo at the same time) we’ve hunted down all 12 Horizon Zero Dawn vantage point locations. Now you can learn exactly where they’re hiding and climb as high as a Stormbird to hunt them down. Just don’t let Aloy fall, as she’s certain to go ‘splat’ once she hits the lush, very hard ground.

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