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Holy rubbish rumours, Batman! Is Christopher Lee voicing Hugo Strange in Batman: Arkham City?

So, Dracula and Saruman himself is voicing Hugo Strange in Batman: Arkham City, eh interwebs? Bull and shit, we say. While we'd love ancient English thesp Christopher Lee to provide his esteemed tonesfor the final game, that doesn't sound like Lee to us in the new Arkham trailer. Why not watch the video again below and decide for yourself?

Now, we'll agree there's a certain Christopher Lee quality to the mental doc's voice. But to us, it sounds like a much younger actor trying to do a bit of a Lee impression. After all, old Chris is 88 years young, meaninghe no doubt sounds gravelly like a cement mixer. Although, on the flip side, he has provided his voice for games in the past, includingKingdom Hearts II and The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth.

Above: Sir Christopher Lee is the only vamp we'd ever accept biting our necks

We do, however, think we know who's voicing the tortured soldier. We've listened to the trailer several times now, and reckon his tortured voice belongs to a certain Christian Kane (i.e. evil lawyer dude in Angel). Kane also has a history of working in games and was the big baddy in 24: The Game.

Above: Arkham soldier's could be Angel's Lindsey MacDonald, if you ask us

Of course, we could be well off the mark. Do you think Christopher Lee is Hugo Strange? And just how excited are you about Rocksteady's megaton sequel? Share your wordy thoughts in the comments section below.

Dec 15, 2010

Source: Product