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Hogwarts Legacy is a Harry Potter game releasing in 2021

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The long-rumoured game set in the Harry Potter universe has finally been confirmed as part of the PS5 showcase. Set long before the events of JK Rowling's book series, Hogwarts Legacy is set to launch in 2021.

In a trailer shown off during tonight's stream, Portkey Games revealed that Hogwarts legacy will be set in the late 1800s, and will allow players to explore the grounds of the iconic castle, as well as the world beyond it. The game offers mastery of many different spells and potions, and also showed players learning to use broomsticks, and getting to grips with multiple magical creatures.

Those brooms and creatures will likely play a significant part of in-game exploration, as one clip showed two characters flying around what looked to be a sizeable open world. Elsewhere, players will come up against monsters from throughout the book series, including dementors.

The game's developer, Portkey Games, seems to be a studio formed especially to make this game, as the word 'Portkey' is a specific piece of Harry Potter vernacular.

A Harry Potter RPG has leaked multiple times in the past - most recently in June, when it was said to be titled Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy. Clearly that wasn't the case, but some of the claims in the leak, including playable Quidditch and a fully explorable Hogwarts now seem a little more likely.

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