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Here's the new Doctor Who costume for the 13th Doctor, fans are (surprise!) split

We first got a glimpse of Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who's 13th Doctor back in July, when she was announced as the next star to take up the role of the beloved Time Lord. But now the BBC has shared a proper look at her costume, and it's... a little different than some expected.

The image gained plenty of reactions on the Doctor Who Facebook page and Twitter, with some decrying it as ugly and ridiculous, while others thought it represented the character well. "First I was shocked but honestly, I love this," wrote one fan on Facebook. "It's eclectic and weird and it's back to the days when the Doctor actually looked alien. This could be right up there with Tom Baker or Sylvester McCoy and it's light years away from a suit and sneakers. I really love this."

Meanwhile, Twitter users are pointing out the similarities between the new costume and some old favorites...

It may seem a little silly to obsess over what an essentially immortal alien who carries around a plot device machine in their pockets chooses to wear, but the costume has always been an important part of The Doctor's identity. What would Matt Smith's Doctor be without his love of bowties and fez hats? Or David Tennant's Doctor without pinstripe suits, sneakers, and 3-D glasses? Dare I say Tom Baker's Doctor without his scarf?

These are important visual distinctions that give us a peek into a Doctor's personality. Moving away from Peter Capaldi's grumpy magician look, it seems that this new Doctor will be a bit more quirky and vibrant. I'm totally fine with that, but what do you think? Is this new costume a good look for Whittaker's Doctor?

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