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Here are your best Red Dead Redemption 2 stories: "My horse thinks it's a f#$@ing bird"

We shared our favorite Red Dead Redemption 2 stories with you soon after the game came out, and we asked you to return the favor once you had some time to spend with Arthur Morgan and the gang. Boy howdy, did you deliver. From tales of strange encounters out in the wilderness to videos of inopportune horse acrobatics, we read and enjoyed them all - and now we've picked out some of our favorite Red Dead Redemption 2 moments to share.


Horses are one of the best things about Red Dead Redemption 2, and not just because they're faster than walking. These stories demonstrate the wonderful unpredictability they introduce to our ill-fated attempts at looking cool or being competent.

Hunting season

Other folks are treating Red Dead Redemption 2 like a cowboy-flavored fishing and hunting simulator, and honestly I can't blame them.

The weird west

And last up, it wouldn't be an open world game without some strange happenings. Whether they're out-and-out glitches or just clever, unexpected touches from the team at Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption 2 may never stop surprising us.

Thanks for sharing your stories with us! I can only imagine how much stranger they'll get once the Red Dead Online begins and you can add the eternal weirdness of other human beings to the heady brew of old west shenanigans.

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