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GTA V O'clock goes hands on with GTA 5 on PC - "It's the definitive edition"

It's been 17 months in the making but it's not long to go now before the release of GTA 5 on PC on the 14th of April. Want to know what your PC is currently preloading?

In a special edition of GTA V o'clock, James Jarvis catches up with Editor-In-Chief Dan Dawkins and PC Gamer Editor Sam Roberts who has been playing GTA 5 on PC and experiencing the action in 4K. Find out why Sam says this is "jawdropping" and "the definitive edition" of the game.

Key highlights include PC Gamer talking about:

- Draw distance that's like "going from being short sighted to having perfect vision."

- The in game video editor.

- How does it stack up against the console versions?

- PC requirements and how the game looks running on two GTX 980s in SLI.

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