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Halo 4 multiplayer guide


Unlike the first two maps, Complex opens gameplay up for some vehicular combat. Each team has there own “base” that hosts a number of goodies, both weapons and vehicles alike, but much the action goes down in a central bridge that extends to another scientific facility. Here, ranged weapons are almost a must, and headshots mean life or death, and the spilling of brains.

Power Weapons

Energy Sword
The energy sword rests on a platform near the scientific facility located in the middle of the map.

Other Weapons

Random Drop Weapons


Mongoose x 3

Gameplay Tips

Complex almost requires you to equip yourself with some sort of rifle. Those that can control the battle rifle’s three round burst should certainly go with that as it can counteract some opponents who may be equipped with an assault rifle. If you’re not in that category, I suggest equipping the DMR, as it offers a more precise shot and has range similar to the sniper rifle. If you’re not supplied with an assault rifle, or at least carrying a close-quarters weapon, though, you’ll want to stay away from the scientific facility as it hoists some epic battles. You can still shoot at foes standing on the bridge, so you don’t lose out on too much when carrying a rifle. Complex is also a great map in that any ability can be used to maximum success, depending on which weapon you’re equipped with.

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