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GTA Online Power Play adversary mode points a middle finger at realism

GTA Online's latest Adversary Mode finally abandons all pretext of realism in favor of raw, arcadey carnage. It's about damn time, too. The Power Play mode sets two teams against in each other across three maps, where their trigger fingers are secondary to their power-up collecting skills.

Seven different types of power-ups are scattered around the maps, all represented by floating, rotating icons just like back in GTA 3. Some of them will boost your team, like by turning everyone on your side into super strong werewolves or giving them a Trevor-like frenzy ability. Certain power-ups will hinder the other team instead, letting you invert all of their camera controls and break into their team chat, for instance.

Each player can only activate one power-up at a time but teams can combine certain effects or combat the other team's by coordinating when they grab them. If you want to try it out, make sure you jump into the Power Play playlist from now through Monday, June 27 for double GTA$ and Reputation Point rewards.

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