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GTA Online gets spooky for Halloween with Slashers, Beasts and clown masks

Halloween isn't just for candy manufacturers and sociable goths - it's a chance for your favorite games to celebrate too. GTA Online (opens in new tab) is no exception: it's getting a Halloween hamper of discounts, modes and special goodies, including Psycho Swingers, Zombie Liberals in the Midwest, and Twilight Knife t-shirts that I would totally wear IRL.  

To get one of the shirts just log in before November 5. You also have until then to grab 35% discounts on the LCC Sanctus, Albany Lurcher, Albany Fränken Stange vehicles and Halloween masks. 

Once you've been shopping, there are cash and reputation bonus for six Adversary Modes - the shotgun and flashlight madness of Slasher, the added thermal vision and machete of Slashers, the Angels and Devils of Lost Vs Damned, and the madness of Condemned.

"This nightmarish mode marks one unlucky player for imminent death: when the timer runs out, they’re worm food. Their only hope is to pass the bad news onto somebody else, and the only way to do that is by sending them on a short trip to a shallow grave. Last man standing wins," says Rockstar. 

There's also Come Out to Play mode, which pitches a team of Runners against a team of Hunters, and the ultimate showdown, Beast Vs. Slashers. 

"The Beast is back, and this time it's got company. Only an armored team of Slashers, armed to the teeth have a hope of stopping them. The Beasts, gifted with wild speed, the ability to leap over buildings and temporary invisibility, have to collect all the checkpoints while the Slashers attempt to stop them."

Rockstar released another little game this week. In case you missed the news, check out our review of Red Dead Redemption 2 (opens in new tab).

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