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Ghostbusters III The Next Generation

Harold Ramis, who co-wrote and directed the first two Ghostbusters films in the 80s, and also starred as Egon Spengler, has told that the new Ghostbusters movie will likely be a "next generation" affair, though the original cast will return.

"Everybody said they'd do it," says Ramis. "They’ll be looking at younger actors [for the lead roles], I’m sure. But we’ll be in it as mentors or advisers. I think the first one captured something that hadn’t been seen for a long time: the combination of scary movies and smart broad comedy. That was a great comic edge to play. Fortunately, we stopped before we beat it into the ground. If we’d done a third one then, no one would want to see one now, I think, cause we were headin’ downhill, even with the second one. We’ll see, everyone’s gonna have to love the [Ghostbusters III] script to move it forward."

Ramis has already said he won't be directing the new Ghostbusters, and a announcement on who will has yet to be made. But don't expect to see the movie any time soon. The script is being written by the executive producers of the US version of The Office, Gene Stupinksy and Lee Eisenberg, and Ramis reckons that their work on that show is taking priority. "Even if there was a great script by the end of the summer, it would be a year before [we could go into production]. It’s a big movie. Lots of prep," says Ramis.

So, who do you think should play the next generation of Ghostbusters? Should there be a female Ghostbuster this time? Let us know! (Or are we just opening the floodgates for the Zach Braff fan club again?)