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Get Resident Evil 2 for Xbox One or PS4 for just $15

(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil 2 defined a genre and this year's rebuild was met with incredibly high praise, including a GOTY win at the 2019 Golden Joysticks and a GOTY nomination at the upcoming The Game Awards. You can grab the game right now at Best Buy for just $15 for both Xbox One and PS4 - the lowest price the game has been since its launch this past January. 

If you haven't already enjoyed all of Resident Evil 2's remastered zombie massacring, now is the chance to get on one of the best games of the year. Before today, Resident Evil 2 was $40 at Best Buy, so this is a massive drop off the last retail price. Between the game's popularity and this new, incredibly low price, it's safe to say the chance to jump on this deal won't last long.

The remake is based off the 1998 game but has been completely rebuilt, with a new over-the-shoulder camera mode, and separate campaigns for Leon and Claire. The upgraded graphics make the zombies seem horrifyingly realistic and the stakes feel even higher. As GamesRadar+ wrote in our Resident Evil 2 review, it's "a lovingly crafted return that perfectly recaptures what made the original great." If that doesn't interest you, I'm not sure what will.

The best part of this Best Buy deal is both Xbox One and PS4 players can reap the benefits of some serious savings, so no one is getting left out. I'm not sure about you but $15 for a GOTY winner and contender sounds like a deal I don't even have to think twice about. Get on it while you can.

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